Creative Director and production artist Jess Bressler has successfully worked on projects spanning multiple mediums. Her focus is on the story- and before you dismiss that as the latest buzzword (which of course it is)- understand that it’s a valid one-but there’s also more to success than knowing ‘story is king’.

TempBioPic2JBThe first step to every project is to distill the narrative being told down to an essence (what should the audience know and how should they feel about it?), aligning that story within the context of the brand (tone, style, visuals), and then making sure every pixel, every movement, every color, and every shadow supports that story from within that context. Although we all love happy accidents, a decision always has to be made about what works, and what doesn’t- and if anything would work better. Jess Bressler makes a lot of decisions and can answer why for each and every one. She also loves to talk about it- so send an email, and maybe even grab a beer/coffee/tea/water with her to chat about it.

Jess Bressler is currently available for hire, freelance, and consultations.

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Elevator Pitch:

I am a visual communicator. I love figuring out how to take a complex idea and making it visually simple- easily visually digestible. I care how things look, how they work, and how audiences respond – and believe you should care too. I have worn various hats including creative director, designer, animator, photographer, editor, compositor, lighter, and builder, among others. I can be a part of your team, or manage it. I have degrees in Fine Arts, Computer Art, and Neuroscience and have worked at studios such as Pixar, Dreamworks, and Digital Domain. I have been part or in charge of projects ranging from music videos to commercials to eCurriculums. I’d love to chat about your next project so drop me a line….




verbal, visual,
science and art; life, for me,
a kaleidoscope


started age 8 to sell art
made a hundred bucks.


well educated:
Columbia, SVA
and 10 feature films.


use the right tool for the job-
have to learn them all


must know the story
you are telling, and to whom
hire me to tell it.




“Not only did Jess deliver beautiful designs in record time, but she contributed thoughtful input that improved upon our original ideas. Throughout the process, I thought of Jess not as a vendor, but as a crucial part of our creative team.”

-Cara Hopkins, Manager, Marketing and Communications, National Endowment for Financial Education


“Jess Bressler has the ability to combine her expertise in both art and science thereby co-creating for the Savory Institute solid multi-media courses for those who want to improve land management.  She was able to quickly grasp concepts that were new to her and translate them in ways for people to enhance their knowledge and skills.  The vast majority of our work together was done remotely and her impeccable organization skills, ability to always meet deadlines, and communicate effectively made for the successful execution of a very complex project.  For future initiatives that include illustrations, animations, video editing, and the like, jessoterica is where I will go.”

-Andrea Malmberg, Director, Research & Knowledge Management, The Savory Institute

Clients include:

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