Artist Inc. Application 2024: Work Samples

  1. PSA: Invisible Toxic Paint, MultiMedia
  2. ECC Bloody Bells Music Video, Multimedia
  3. Word Animations, Series, Multimedia
  4. Nature Photographs, Series

PSA: Invisible Toxic Paint

Mixed-Media, 2020

:10-:30 & 3:06-3:26

I love visualizing data and simplifying complex concepts through clear and engaging visuals, especially when I get to combine my first love (stop motion) with my digital skills. 

When Covid hit, I was living with my mom, who has COPD, in Florida. I initially planned a rainbow of skin tones but, feeling rushed after production took longer than I’d hoped, I skipped the final step. While completing it felt like a physical achievement, I regret not taking the time to be inclusive, and will not do that again. Otherwise, I think it works.


Mixed-Media, 2009

1:25-2:42 & 3:17-3:45

When I heard my friends’ band’s new album, I imagined them as marionettes, so I decided to make a music video. Despite having no puppetry experience, once I took myself and the project less seriously, the imperfect puppets worked perfectly. I never let inexperience stop me from using the right medium for a project; I just learn it. The band loved it, and it became the official video for the song. It remains one of my most fun projects.

Word Anims


Originally for my client facing website, and combining my love for language with motion, this is an ongoing series. They are relatively quick and will offer me a perfect opportunity to combine media in various ways and improve. Learning is joy for me, and I strive to do it constantly. 

Nature Photos

Photography, 2020-2024 

I worship nature, especially micro views, and I’ve welded a rig that allows me to use my lighting skills from my 3D lighting & compositing career IRL. I had deeply missed flexing that muscle. Now, I’m exploring and enjoying this new tool, hoping to perfect and perhaps eventually manufacture and sell it.

*The twisted tendrils won an Award at Selby Gardens in Sarasota, FL