Reversing Desertification eCurriculum

Client: The Savory Institute
Project: Translate the training course book into an eCurriculum for global distribution

creative direction & production, design & motion, digital enhancement and compositing, photography & video

The Savory Institute contracted me to translate their curriculum from text to video in order to train those around the globe who are illiterate, don’t read English, or are otherwise unable to learn from the literature. The project entailed creating visual presentations of a plethora of information from basic mineral cycles to more complex ideas such as Holism and desertification. On a shoestring budget and rushed schedule of 3 months, I completed over 68 videos totaling over 5.5 hours of animated illustrations and edited video/photographs.


I also had the role of Production Coordinator and developed the pipeline and the schedule to which I made sure we stuck.


Schedule-with-haveneed-list-ideal_475x354   Schedule-with-haveneed-list-actual_400x298
Though there were times that the budget and the schedule prevented us from making the product we would ideally have loved to accomplish, what we were able to accomplish was a miracle in sheer scope as well as efficacy.


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