Chase Business Leaders Outlook 2022

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Photography: Abstract Series 1

Informational Video

creative direction & production, design & motion, video editing

Business Leaders Outlook 2022 Survey Results Video
Chase for Business, AHA, In The Flicker
Animator, Editor, Post-Production

How do you get an audience to pay attention to statistic after statistic without eyes glazing over?

Every year chase surveys small business owners to track trends. In 2022 they also decided to produce a video explaining what they found. Unsurprisingly, flexibity was high on the list in 2022 due to Covid.

This project started with brainstorming and testing some quite out there ideas for such an established brand language as Chase for Business and while we didn’t end up going in that direction, it was a blast to explore. As the animator and editor I was given the designs as Illustrator files and together with the designer we established how those graphics moved, making sure they remained as legible and understandable as entertaining. I spent many hours looking for the right stock footage and going through hours of previously filmed footage of the featured small businesses; each clip needed to relate to the data & motion on top of it without distracting the audience, while also maintaining the high energy upbeat feel of the piece as a whole. The colors and composition of the footage was as important as the content to enable it to act in a supporting role and not compete for attention.  
In the end, our team was able to produce an informative, interesting, cohesive, and aesthetically pleasing piece that remained within the boundaries of Chase as an established brand language.