PSA: Invisible Toxic Paint

Digital Design
Photography: Decomposition Series

Personal Project


creative direction & production, design & motion, sculpt & build, illustration

-warning: language-

With so much talk of “flattening the curve” but seemingly so little understanding of why, or even what that actually meant, I decided to make an explanation video PSA of my own. My mom suffers with athsma so it was/is particularly personal. It was also a welcomed distraction as the world around me shut down and fear ramped up, not to mention very important information for everyone to understand.

I made a mistake, cut a corner, that I will never do again. The original plan was to use the white clay so I could easily color it in post to portray a whole rainbow of skin tones. I was so eager to get it out while it was still relevant and it had taken me longer than planned, and I skipped the step of toning the faces in the large graph section. By doing so, I made a statement I definitely did not intend and excluded people I meant wholeheartedly to include. It might have been something I was proud of, as a quick piece, but instead it just makes me cringe.